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Online SSN/SFI Converter
    SFI (64-300)
    SSN (0-250)

Online K-Index/Noise Converter
  Sig Noise(0-60)
  GeoMag Field

Online Aurora/Latitude Converter
  Aur (0-10++)
  K-Index (0-9)
  Lat° (40-90)

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Looking for the HF Propagation and Solar Data Website?

Click to go to my Solar and HF Propagation Page. Either click on the image to the left, or on this link http://www.hamqsl.com/solar.html to go to my Solar and HF Propagation Website. It has all the tools, conversions, and a lot more. If you are interested only in the solar and HF propagation data, then you can bookmark that page.

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  • This site is open for all Ham (Amateur) Radio related webpages (click the "Join" link on the bar below). Click "FAQ" link for more information.
  • Click "Add Solar" link on the bar below (or just click the image) to add the Solar-Terrestrial Data display (on the left) to your website or web page. It's available in multiple colors, and its FREE!
  • Solar-Terrestrial Data on your desktop. I have made a "gadget" that can be used on your Windows 7/Vista/XP desktop, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod, Joomlua, or Worldpress page. Click on the Solar-Terrestrial panel to the left for more information.

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